Teacher Residency

Students will shape the world, not be defined by it.

Program Details

We believe great teachers are home grown. Teachers are uniquely positioned to support students as they develop the content knowledge, social emotional skills, cultural competence, and college and career readiness skills necessary to shape the world, rather than be defined by it. Our Teacher Residency Program provides select Great Oaks Fellows (GO Fellows) with an opportunity to earn a Masters in Teaching along with a teacher certification while apprenticing alongside the mentorship of a certified classroom teacher. The Teacher Residency is offered in 2 unique models, providing the learning necessary to grow the GO Fellow’s leadership as a classroom educator.

Why Choose the Great Oaks Teacher Residency?

Grow professionally with 1:1 mentorship

  • Great Oaks Fellows in the Teacher Residency Program are matched with a Teacher Mentor, who serves as a guide as you learn the skills and competencies associated with strong teaching. In addition to your Fellowship responsibilities, you will spend at least 1-2 periods each day in your Teacher Mentor’s classroom. Over the course of the academic school year, you will transition from observer, to student teacher, to ultimately lead teacher, responsible for the teaching and learning of students in that class.

Learn while in service

  • As a Fellow enrolled in the Teacher Residency Program you will spend time studying and learning best practices in education, and have the opportunity to immediately practice these skills with the students you serve. Whether it’s leading small group instruction in tutorial, or designing classroom lessons, assessments and activities in your Teacher Mentor’s classroom, you will be able to practice your learning in real-time, receiving feedback to continue to accelerate your growth and professional development.

Earn your master’s degree as you go

  • Along the way, you will be engaged in graduate level coursework, enrolling in either NYU Steinhardt’s Teacher Residency Program or the Relay Graduate School of Education. The courses are designed to provide you with the best theory and research-based strategies necessary to improve student outcomes, both academic and social-emotionally. Our unique program combines in-person and online blended learning to help you marry theory with practice.

Live where you work

  • To help stretch your stipend, we offer housing to all of GO Fellows. This is a benefit that most AmeriCorps programs are unable to offer. The housing benefit  supports our Fellows financially and builds strong school communities. Each school community has a slightly different housing setup, but you can expect to share the apartment with a few other Fellows. In our Newark, Bridgeport and Wilmington communities our Fellows live in new modern apartments in the downtown areas of the city. In New York City, Fellows live in the Bushwick and BedStuy neighborhoods in Brooklyn. All apartments are fully furnished, including all basic utilities and WiFi.  Most school communities have apartments within a short walk of our schools however in some cases we do provide transportation or mass transit passes to and from school if the distance is too great.

Fund your experience 

  • All Fellows in the Teacher Residency Program are offered the following funding package to ensure that you can focus on what’s important, developing the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to provide the best education to all students.
  • The standard living allowance for all AmeriCorps programs for the 2021-2022 school year is $15,100
  • SEGAL EDUCATION AWARD: Fellows under the AmeriCorps program are eligible for a Segal Education Award after the completion of their service. The award for the 2021-2022 school year is $6,345. You can find more information about the Segal Education Award here

Our Schools and Graduate School Options:

Now Accepting Applications for the 2021-2022 Fellowship

Join an Amazing Team

We believe that high quality teachers and leaders are key to student success. We are committed to recruiting and developing talented educators.

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