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The Great Oaks Tutor Corps is a diverse group of recent college graduates with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Some tutors are interested in education policy and wish to experience life on the ground in an urban school. Others plan to pursue a career in medicine, law or to enroll in another graduate program and wish to first give a year of service. For tutors who wish to become high-performing teachers, Great Oaks offers multiple pathways to certification. In exchange for a year of service to urban students, tutors receive fully furnished housing with utilities and basic household items included, a living stipend, health insurance and the opportunity to be a part of a community where everyone is passionate about changing outcomes for urban students.

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Member benefits include:

  • Housing:  To help stretch your stipend, we offer housing to our tutors that is completely free.  Each school community has a slightly different setup but you can expect to share the apartment with a few other fellow Tutor Corps members. Every apartment is fully furnished and includes all basic utilities and wifi and we even supply basic household items such as paper towels and cleaning products.  Most school communities have apartments within a short walk of our schools however in some cases we do provide subsidized transportation to and from school if the distance is too great.
  • Living Stipend: The standard living allowance through AmeriCorps for the 2016-2017 school year is $12,530.  This amount may slightly vary from year to year.
  • Segal Education Award:  Tutors that serve under the AmeriCorps program are eligible for a Segal Education Award after the completion of a full term of service of 1700 hours.  The award for the 2016-2017 school year is $5,775.  You can find more information about the Segal Education Award here.
  • Health Insurance: Many of our Tutor Corps members elect to remain on their parents’ health insurance plans, however we will help you to access a health insurance plan and provide a subsidy if there is an out of pocket premium.
  • Professional Development:  In each of our school communities, our Tutor Corps members are supported by knowledgeable school administrators and educators.   You will leave your Tutor Corps year with strong skills in delivering instruction and data analysis and the ability to work with a diverse group of learners.  You will also develop skills in relationship building, professionalism in the workplace and building your own personal brand.  We also work with our tutors to help them in their next step whether that’s to become an educator, go off to medical school or law school or the infinite number of other things Corps members go on to pursue.
  • Community:  Great Oaks provides a great opportunity for recent college graduates to grow in a supportive community of peers who are just as passionate about urban education as you are.  Serving for a year at Great Oaks is intense and very hard work but our setup is unique; you will go home to roommates who are also going through the same experience and will be there to support you, help you and laugh with you when things are challenging.  Many tutors say that they have developed lifelong friendships during their Corps year with Great Oaks.  We’ve even had a few marriages amongst our Corps members!

Value of Tutor Corps Benefits

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Great Oaks Tutor Corps alumni describe their year of service as one of the most powerful experiences of their lives. In addition to making a powerful impact, tutors develop a sense of purpose and a skill set valued by employers across industries. Meet a few Tutor Corps alumni and see what’s possible.

Great Oaks offers two pathways to certification. First, through a partnership with NYU Steinhardt, tutors can earn their M.A.T with a specialization in secondary English, math, science, or history/social studies. The program offers a job-embedded immersion experience where Teacher Residents are engaged full-time in schools as members of the Tutor Corps, with robust, consistent, and ongoing support provided both online and in-person. Successful completion of the program will lead to a Master’s degree, but Teacher Residents will be recommended for a teaching credential only when they successfully demonstrate that they have mastered the competencies needed to be effective teachers.

Second, through a partnership with the Relay Graduate School of Education, tutors, depending on their school community can earn a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) or a teaching certification or both. All Relay programs have a strong focus on proven teaching techniques and an emphasis on practicing frequently and receiving targeted feedback. Relay programs combine a rigorous curriculum with practical instruction from experienced education faculty. Like at NYU, Residents will be recommended for a teaching credential only after there is a demonstration of content and instructional mastery.

To be considered for either of these programs, you must successfully complete the tutor selection process and have accepted a position within our Tutor Corps.


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What are the primary duties of tutors? How are they assigned? Tutors’ primary duty is to lead small group instruction at their group’s academic level for five periods per day. Several Tutor Corps members are teaching assistants, supporting a teacher with instruction and/or student behavior in the classroom and assisting with grading outside of it. Roles are decided by matching Tutor Corps Members’ skills, strengths and career goals with the needs of the school. The Tutor Corps Director provides tutors with an opportunity to share their preferences.

How do you assign the secondary projects? All Tutor Corps members work on secondary projects such as providing in-class or curriculum support, organizing or leading after school clubs or working with our culture team. All secondary projects directly impact the success of students. These project assignments are determined by taking into consideration tutor preferences, skills, schedule and the needs of our school community and students.

What are the member benefits for the year? Please see the “Member Benefit” Section above for specific details on benefits.

Can you provide further information about AmeriCorps? For the 2016-2017 school year, we were awarded 270 National AmeriCorps slots.  As AmeriCorps members, tutors will also be eligible for AmeriCorps benefits as defined by the AmeriCorps contract including:

  • The Segal Education Award of about $ 5,775.00 (projecting from FY2016). The Segal Education Award is good for seven years from the end of service and can be used to repay qualified student loans or for future education at eligible schools.
  • Possible forbearance of qualified student loans. Note that interest continues to accrue. However accrued interest on qualified loans is eligible for payment by the National Service Trust.
  • Childcare benefits if you qualify.
  • Member Assistance Program offering services such as counseling and financial planning resources.

Do I get to choose where I serve? During our selection process, a member of the recruitment team will speak to you about our different school communities. Based upon the conversation the recruiter will suggest the community that would be the best fit, however, candidate preferences will be taken into account. Final placement will be based off of candidate preference and the needs and vacancies in each of our school communities.

Is it required that I live in the provided apartments? No, it is not required. We know that living with fellow Tutor Corps members can ease the transition to a new location and contribute to tutors sense of mission, therefore improving the Tutor Corps year experience. For those reasons, we generally prefer that Tutor Corps members live in the residence. However, tutors may elect to live offsite.

How do you pair roommates? Tutors will be sent a housing survey over the summer to help us pair roommates. Factors such as gender, cleanliness, personality, interests and sleep schedule will be considered when making the pairings. We aim to place tutors with roommates that match their preferences. However, as always, a certain amount of flexibility will be necessary when living in shared housing.

What is the calendar for next year? The commitment runs from the beginning of August 2017 through the end of June of 2018. The 2017-2018 school year calendar is still being finalized but we will communicate an exact start date as soon as it is known. We generally follow the same calendar as the Public Schools (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks, federal holidays, etc.) with some exceptions. You can also check out the 2016-2017 on each of our schools’ pages to get an idea of what next year’s calendar will be like.

How do I apply for the Teacher Residency Program? Tutor Corps members interested in the Teacher Residency can apply after having been accepted into the Tutor Corps. Candidates can e-mail Melissa Frank at [email protected] for more details.

Do I have to interview in-person? It is preferable that candidates attend an in-person interview at one our campuses. This allows candidates to meet members of our school community, visit our school location and the surrounding neighborhood as well as work directly with our students. However, we do understand that this may not be possible for everyone and therefore we do offer Skype interviews as an alternative to a school visit.

I hold an F-1 Visa, can I serve? Due to the eligibility requirements, a student on an F-1 visa would not be able to serve under the AmeriCorps program.

Can my friends serve with me? Yes, we love referrals! We offer a referral bonus for anyone that is hired and serves in our Corps. Please e-mail [email protected] for details.

Not ready to apply yet? If you’d like to receive more information about Great Oaks’ transformative tutor corps program, please fill out this form. A member of our team will reach out soon.

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