#FellowshipFriday – Meet NYC’s Jan Yburan

#FellowshipFriday – Meet NYC’s Jan Yburan

Watching children grow into teenagers and young adults is so incredibly rewarding.

Jan Yburan

What has been the most rewarding thing about your current year of service?

I really enjoy working closely with 2-3 kids a period because I get to see them every day. I have been fortunate to build very close relationships with them where I get to know how to best motivate them. My relationship with them goes beyond simply mentoring. I have the pleasure to help them think about their future. I use what they want to be when they grow up as a way to motivate them to value the daily work they have to put in to achieve their dreams.  

Give an specific example of progress you have seen in your students.

Two of my students are emerging bilingual students who speak Spanish a majority of the time outside of school. These two student’s biggest growth has been in their confidence in reading skills and literacy which then translates into overall confidence in themselves and academics. They don’t ask, they demand new books! One of the students has only been in the U.S. for a year and she consistently impresses me with her willingness to learn.

What would you tell students at your Alma Mater about doing a service year at Great Oaks?

It’s hard. Watching children grow into teenagers and young adults is so incredibly rewarding. Your peer Fellows motivate, encourage, and teach you so much. It’s wonderful being in a community of like-minded adults who are all invested in our kids success. College of the Holy Cross’ school motto is be men and women for others. Doing a year of service at Great Oaks allows you to be mentors, cheerleaders, lesson-planners, coaches, and mentors for our kids.