A Day in the Life with Sandrine Robinson

A Day in the Life with Sandrine Robinson

My Day

5:45am- I usually wake up around this time. I brush my teeth and get ready to start my day!

6:20am- With my tea in hand, I leave my apartment and walk to Great Oaks

6:45am- After I clock in, I will use this time to say good morning to my content team, and print out any materials that I will need for the day.

7am- I make my way down to the elevators to welcome the high schoolers. As part of my elevator duty, I make sure that students get upstairs both timely and safely to begin the school day.

7:25am- At this time, I make my way to the 9th ELA classroom, where I am a TA 3-4 mornings out of the week. When I TA, I get the chance to lead some of the lesson and practice the various teaching methods that I am learning at Relay.

8:50am- Depending on the day, I will either have tutorial or a prep period. In tutorial, I am assisting my students in completing their task cards. A new task card is given to students at the beginning of the week. I make sure that all my students set an achievable goal that they can reach by Thursday.

10:20am- When students are down at lunch, I am working on my secondary roles, college content. For this role, I create the college lesson plan for 6th grade, and assist in some of the 9th grade dual-enrollment registration.

11am- After college content, I get the chance to eat my lunch and relax for a moment before third and forth block tutorial.

11:45am-2:40pm- Time to head back to tutorial! My third and fourth blocks are usually my larger tutorial group block, with the majority of 6 for my 4A period. Tutorial blocks are split 45mins, with students organized into 2A,3A,4A,2B,3B, and 4B respectfully.

2:45pm- It’s dismissal time! I help with the transition for students who are going home on the bus. It mirrors the morning, in which I escort students downstairs to the lobby to head home for the day.

3pm- On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I assist with after-school study hall. Here we help to make sure that students are working on any missed work that they need to complete.

4pm- I transition downstairs on Tuesdays and Wednesday’s to help with homework center. In homework center, students in every grade can come and get extra help from the tutors with their homework or classwork before going home for the day. This is one of my favorite parts of the day, because I get to interact with students in every grade, not just in the 9th grade.

6pm- Students in after-school clubs head home for the day, and I head back to the tutor workroom. Depending on the day, I will either head back to my apartment, or stay until building closes to work on college content, grade papers, or any extra tutorial work that I was not able to complete during the day.

Regardless of when I leave, I will always make sure to head back home and call my mom to check in and catch up! I also make sure to work on homework for Relay, or lesson plan for an upcoming class that I will be teaching.

Once all of my school work is complete, I will take a shower and prepare to head off to bed.

That was a glimpse into my day as a Great Oaks tutor!